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ST-MRAM (spin-transfer magnetic RAM) is an extremely promising new technology with the potential to replace major segments of the market for flash, SRAM, and DRAM semiconductors in applications such as mobile products, automotive, IoT, and data storage. With ST MRAM technology, data is stored in minute magnetic nodes—a physical mechanism different from traditional non-volatile memory (NVM). MRAM technology fundamentally requires less energy to use, and features like byte-addressability that further contributes to energy efficiency.

Embedded MRAM primarily fills the role that is currently handled by embedded NOR flash: storage of code and data that must survive when the power is removed. Indeed, MRAM is challenging NOR flash due to overall lower power and byte-addressability.

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With its unique characteristics, FD-SOI is generating increasingly strong interest from major players in the semiconductor ecosystem for a very wide range of markets.

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